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Be a stronger woman with weight training in 2015
It's hard to ignore the benefits of weight training when you look at figures like that, and while Mirella and Tracey have followed their training up to a competitive level, for most women adding a sensible weight training program into their current …
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From Pound to animal moves: 4 workouts you should try in 2015
A form of body weight training, Animal Flow (developed by personal trainer Mike Fitch) incorporates gymnastics, Parkour and even some breakdancing moves in moves with names such as Ape Reach and Forward Traveling Crab. Since the workout doesn't …

How to Lift a Man Over Your Head
But knowing nothing about weightlifting, I found it too full of sporty jargon to parse—what is a sandbag clean?—much less adapt to my current (nonexistent) strength-training regimen. My next thought? Portland Fire and Rescue. After all, women …
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