Low Reps Vs High Reps Range

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  • 17MXT says:

    To the people who do not want to go too heavy.Just do your heavy compounds
    in the 5-10,and your isos 8-15.

  • Chris Califano says:

    Re: natural growth hormone release: relatively high reps via breath-pauses,
    as in the breathing squat. Or “breath-pause-dead lift”. Both brutal, and
    sap lots of energy, thus requiring an abbreviated rest of your routine. But
    you can easily go above bodyweight (way above if you are younger) for 20-25
    reps. Only by training your entire system this way (not just reaching TMF,
    whether by doing “light” or “heavy” weights for “high” or “low” reps), can
    you truly activate growth hormone release for any significant gains.
    Progressive leg/ back work, with the corresponding spinal structure loading
    (true weight bearing) can be done efficiently with higher (about 20) rep
    ranges.This does not mean that the weights are light (even though you begin
    the cycle “at sub max”. Even at over 50 years old and with a history of low
    back and other injuries and weaknesses (never caused by exercise but by car
    wrecks and worsened by genetic structure flaws) I am still able to gain an
    average of 8-12 lb. of muscle when I do a long cycle of breathing squats.
    When I was younger ( I started weight training at age 16) I was able to
    gain four or five times that of course. But no other method of high rep/
    low rep, light weight/heavy weight etc. works as well as having breathing
    squats (seriously & properly done for a 6-9 month cycle) as the cornerstone
    when you want to gain muscular weight. For myself or any of my clients in
    the past 35 years. PS: the back pulling /biceps etc & chest pushing/
    triceps etc. can still be trained with “lower” reps of 5-8 if you wish, as
    long as you do not overstep your intensity or do too many sets of course.
    Just remember that if you are an ectomorph then any significant size gains
    you make require high calorie maintenance plus high intensity output, thus
    challenging your recuperative systems over time. That is why there are
    anabolic steroids for those who care nothing about long term health and
    longevity. Maintaining additional muscle mass (even if it is body fat mass)
    above your genetic birth code becomes a strain on your body. That is why
    you see lots of guys look bigger or smaller from year to year. Bodybuilding
    is like having an additional job and additional responsibilities. It is
    handled pretty well when one is young. To maintain while older is even
    harder. The real key is to realize that this is for life, guys and gals,
    and the main thing is to improve and then maintain above-average strength,
    muscle mass and bone density- these are your key biomarkers for everything.

  • DerHoff says:

    Would it be possible to cycle low to high rep ranges? would there be any
    benefits doing weeks where you go high and then weeks where you go low?

  • Aza M says:

    Why limit to one rep range, just vary your rep ranges to target all muscle
    fibres, simple..

  • B9King937 says:

    I train in the 3-5 rep range now. 5 sets of 5 is what I aim for. I study
    people. Looking around at the gym today what I noticed is that the bigger
    people put up more weight 9/10 times. So by getting stronger you’re
    definitely no doubt going to help muscular gains. Hugh jackman(wolverine)
    and chris hemsworth(thor) they trained 3-5 reps too bulking up for their
    films. I can’t imagine a small guy who looks like the average joe benching
    300lbs. You either have to be muscular or fat as hell. The strongest guys
    in the world are also a million pounds. Size no doubt influences your
    strength. With strength will come size. If you bulk up and diet properly.
    If you want balloon shaped muscles all soft and puffy than you train
    lighter to get the fluids rushing to it. But for raw mass I guess low reps
    heavier weight is optimal.

  • Asif Rashid says:

    When you are natural your body is different from someone who takes
    steriods. You do not have the stamina and the recovery to do 100 sets. You
    respond better to heavy weight low reps which tears the muscles and then
    resting and repeating until that weight becomes high reps and your repeat
    and build your body

  • Aaron Niessink says:

    It’s a mixture of both high and low. Do your research. 

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