How To Build Muscle Without Constantly Lifting Heavier Weights @hodgetwins @gymshark

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  • Bruce Wayne says:

    For real: Doctors don’t know a fucking thing when it comes to diet and
    weight gain, my doctor recommend I quit gym and keep up my 1×999 workout
    job to gain, bull ass shit.

  • Extraspectacular92 says:

    Yes!!! The random ass intros, bring em back!

  • Andrey V says:

    These dudes got braces for life or what?

  • David LoPan Jr. says:

    5/9 140? Who the he’ll is he,Floyd Mayweather?

  • DaZ316x says:

    whats the difference between doing stronglifts 5×5 than 3 sets 12 reps?
    your doing way more reps. 25 vs. 36. tell me how would 5 sets of 5 reps be
    harder on your joints when it’s less?

  • Deni Hadziabdic says:

    lmfao double joints = double snapability. I’m done

  • Andrius Rumskas says:

    I am 5’9 and 165lbs and i consider myself skinny as fuck

  • dcbiscuits says:

    Look at all the natural bodybuilders who have their pro cards. They all
    lift heavy on their compounds. Not everybody has BBC genetics and can reach
    genetic potential with light weight.

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