Young dad survives severe car accident; daughter unharmed

Young dad survives severe car accident; daughter unharmed
Although Khloe was unharmed, Douros sustained several injuries, including a ruptured diaphragm big enough to fit a softball through, a collapsed lung, broken ribs and his stomach going inside his chest, Douros said. During the surgery, the doctors …

Master This Move: Stir the Pot
(Check out Trainers Reveal: The Best Abs Exercises of All Time.) That's because the as you do it, you'll learn how to recruit the right muscles (all the little muscles in your core) in the right ways, rather than compensate for lack of strength by …
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Study highlights global spread of antibiotic-resistant typhoid
"Multidrug-resistant typhoid has been coming and going since the 1970s and is caused by the bacteria picking up novel antimicrobial resistance genes, which are usually lost when we switch to a new drug," explains Dr. Holt. "In H58, these genes are …
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5 ways to work on your beach body in the sand, surf
"It's not a heavy weight activity," he said. "It's fun. It's enjoyable. It cools you off in the water and you are still getting your [workout]." Bring props. There's no shame in getting creative with your beach exercise. If you're daring, lug a …
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