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Wina Sturgeon: When a negative becomes a positive
When it comes to strength training, there's one technique that can help you gain more in less time than regular resistance workouts. It consists of emphasizing the eccentric part of an exercise – doing what is commonly known as 'negatives.' In nearly …
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HealthWatch–Stationary bike
"Last month I showed you some exercises you could do on the treadmill using a stability ball and some free weights. So today I'm going to show you some exercises you can do on a bike which is nice. When you're riding your bike you're working your heart …
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Exercise regimes every woman can do WITHOUT leaving the house
… to be short, accessible and easy to work into a daily routine. From yoga stretches and fat-burning techniques to muscle toning and weight training using equipment around the house – and in some cases, involving their children – the women show their …
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