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Why Doing Too Little is Killing Your Fitness Results
I have seen many able-bodied, healthy women using 3- to 5-pound dumbbells for a variety of exercise in the same workout, from curls to squats. The logic here is simple: If you're able to curl a weight for 10 reps with the tiny biceps muscle, there's no …
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Build Awesome Arms With This 15-Minute Workout
The EZ Bar Curl will be easier on your wrists than a straight bar, and you can use more weight using both arms than you would using each arm individually with dumbbells, so this is a great exercise to start with targeting the biceps brachii. Hammer …
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KEEPING FIT: 20-minute workouts
Keep your focus on good form and effective exercise execution. These exercises may be performed with dumbbells (at home) or weight machines (at a fitness facility): (1) dumbbell squats or machine leg presses for the hip and thigh muscles; (2) dumbbell …
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