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Cop shoots W. Oak Lane man after 4 cops allegedly are hit by car
Two men who were on their porch lifting weights and witnessed the crash spoke with the Daily News on the condition of anonymity. One said he saw a woman get out of Keitt's car and scream, "He's having a seizure!" The two witnesses said they called 9-1 …

World's 'fattest' man has four stone of skin removed
One of the world's fattest men has had four stone of skin removed after losing almost two thirds of his body weight.,. Paul Mason, 54, from Ipswich, used to weigh 70 … (feels like) lifting a wafer-thin piece of paper rather a tree trunk." "I just …

Hugh Jackman does a big clean and jerk; Rihanna's yellow gown grabs the
On Monday, Hugh Jackman posted a photo from his weekend workout where he dead-lifted 410 pounds, which, according to the song and dance man, makes him part of the exclusive “1,000 Pound Club” of tough guys whose combined weight total for dead …
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