Eyes-Free FitnessTM: Sculpting With Weights Level 1

Eyes-Free Fitness: Sculpting With Weights Level 1

  • Eyes-Free Fitness Workouts
  • Well described exercise workouts perfect for vision impaired
  • Body strengthening and toning weight lifting workout described for beginners

Sculpting With Weights Level 1 is our first fully described workout. It is appropriate for men and women. Increasing the weights makes it more challenging. There are 4 segments: a warm up standing leg and upper body, floor exercises, and a cool down. It is approximately 35 minutes long. The equipment needed is an exercise mat, a wall or chair for balance, and hand weights. I use 3, 5, and 8 pound weights. Men may want to use heavier weights. The beauty is that nobody needs to know how much weigh

List Price: $ 21.00

Price: $ 21.00

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