Exercises for a Stronger Body : How to Exercise When You Are Over 60

Exercising when you are over the age of 60 requires some special modifications to your routine. Create a great workout with the help of a personal trainer in this free video. Expert: Bryan…

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  • Dano Pierce says:

    I am 61, no beginner in the gym, a lifer. You should have used a fit older
    person to demo. Your basic ideas are good and the opening premix is fine
    but an older person who is not already a lifter would be ready or able to
    do what you outline. A fit older person would be. There are differences
    between a 21 and a 61 year old. Anyone starting between age 50 & 60 would
    need careful instruction, or be part of aaa class where they are monitored.
    I have seen people over 50 at the gym start in and are totally lost doing
    all kinds of things that are bad form, and even dangerous that could lead
    to injury. They are not always open to some coaching too or embarrassed. A
    lot of times they get discouraged and get a minor injury and quit. I have
    been lighting most of my life or doing some kind of cardio training for
    most of my lift and I and my partner at age 66 have over the past 20 years
    developed out own complete home gym in the basement with a lot of great
    equipment and options.We both work out and look years younger than we are.
    I plan to be lifting weights until I am 120. Then maybe I will switch to
    Tai Chi or Yoga. I figure by then I should slow down. I just completed the
    Illinois Warrior Dash in June and plan to do it again next year. It was a
    great way to make money for charity, St. Jude’s Hospital.

  • chrisbst says:

    I would not trust this gay to train anyone over 50 let alone 60 he has no
    idea of the abilities of older unfit people

  • Egor Volodko says:

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