Battle ropes: a supersize workout

Battle ropes: a supersize workout
Although they vary in weight, length and thickness, they can be up to 100-feet long. A recent article in … Exercising using these ropes offers an intense workout, conditioning your whole body—abs, arms, shoulders, legs – but without putting undue …
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The Big Chest And Arms Workout
A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that focusing on using a certain muscle to do an exercise — say, concentrating on your biceps during the bicep curl — increases muscle activity in that body part. The step …
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Weight loss app may portray the changes to come
She has designed Better Body Image, an application for computer and mobile electronic devices that claims to let you see what you'd look like in six weeks if you faithfully followed a diet and exercise program. Her BBI app is based on decades of …
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