Foot piano, flying pig open at riverfront Thursday

Foot piano, flying pig open at riverfront Thursday
Also included are two giant chess boards with child-size pieces, exercise equipment, sound tubes and water pumps and channels. Read all about the history of Cincinnati's riverfront, details about the carousel characters, lists of ways to enjoy Smale …

Playtime isn't over
"I see kids walking by in groups and it's not uncommon to see five of them looking down at their phones while they're walking by our front windows," said Dyck, owner of Starke Strength and Conditioning. Yes, this is how many kids will spend … If it …
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Wisconsin's Alvarez: Abolish so-called 20-hour rule
If you want to feed the kids, feed `em. Let's not make ridiculous rules … The 20-hour rule covers required activities such as practices, weight training and conditioning, meetings and video sessions along with setting up equipment. But traveling does …

Loudoun County and Fauquier County health calendar
HEARING LOSS, TINNITUS AND MENIERE'S SYNDROME SUPPORT For all ages, including parents of children with hearing loss. First Fridays 2 p.m., Senior …. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Weights, treadmills, bikes and a cardio-glide. Instruction provided.
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