10 Minute HOME Workout for Women – NO Equipment Needed!

More home workouts for women – http://athleanx.com/x/homeworkoutprogram There is nothing like the flexibility of a great home workout that provides women wit…
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  • ando lad says:

    Nice, but you have to wear shoes to prevent damages on your feet

  • chocklad9 says:

    u have an awesome body! good video, I subscribed!

  • Brensters63 says:

    OMG you are so down-to-earth, personable and inspirational. I was always
    slim and “hot” all of my adult life until I recently went through menopause
    at 51. I am now about 17 pounds overweight and have this disgusting belly
    fat. I am so excited and motivated at watching your video, that I am going
    to do this 10-15 minute workout right NOW. I am going follow your videos to
    get back into doing weights like I was before having my children and go for
    it. I have made up my mind. This is it!! Thanks so much Jess! 

  • Ali Said__ says:

    Thanks for the video! Im usually at the gym and since its been snowing
    here, I have to stay home and figure out what exercise I can do at home
    without equipments. This video is very helpful! I will give it a try.

  • FABIANA fermac says:

    Great workouts!! but tell us whats your day by day meal plan or just
    give a sugestion!! 

  • Brensters63 says:

    Oh, one question that I forgot to ask is whether or not I can do this
    routine every day combined with some dumbbell exercises or do I have to
    wait a day in between. Thanks very much

  • elettravanilla says:

    I did this for the first time but I got nausea after the first round…what
    is the problem? What do you suggest eating before doing this workout? I ate
    a banana and some cereals 1 hour before work out

  • Eliza Fennessy says:

    10 min.!!!!

  • f1veh0lio says:

    Like the workout but wish it was real-time.

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