New MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Adjustable Cast Iron Chrome Weight Dumbbell Set Dumbbells 52.5 100 105 200 lbs


New MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Adjustable Cast Iron Chrome Weight Dumbbell Set Dumbbells 52.5 100 105 200 lbs


Price: $59.95 - $147.95

One of two piece dumbbell kit composed of high quality cast iron. Weights are adjustable and are finished with a Chrome coating.

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I bought these weights for home use and I am vey pleased. They are in fact heavy duty and are adjustable from 5lbs all the way up to 100lbs for each dumbell. They were shipped on time and came in 3 boxes weighing about 70lbs each.

One thing to note, there was a very strong chemical smell when the weights first arrived, so I would suggest un packing them and letting the weights air out before using…I saw this same comment before, and believe me, you want to air the weights out for a few days before use.

Overall, I would recommend these handsome chrome weights to anyone who is looking to improve their home gym experience!

First I want to say that the speed these things shipped i amazing . I received in 2-days within ordering. i didnt expect them for a week or 2.

Pros- Weights are sturdy
pros- clips are strong with a rubber packing
pros- weight is exactly s advertised

cons- only con , and I say only is that I requested black paint because it was cheaper , but when I opened the box I could clearly see it was just spray paint that started chipping and i continuing to chip throughout use. It doesn’t effect the weight itself but its a hassle to clean up every time.

I would suggest they give the option of no paint at all. I’d rather there be no paint but other than that. PERFECT!

Nice dumbbells! Shipment was quick, the looks are as good as described, really heavy gear. Absolutely no chemical odor was noticed since the very 1st minute of breaking the package. I even sniffed most of the plates and felt nothing unpleasant.

The only remark is about the plates fixation. Though before workouts I tighten the fixes as much as possible after the workout it seem to get a little bit loose. Of course, it does not loosen that much for plates to wabble on the shaft or even fall from it, however, after the workout dumbbells produce a chime-like sound, even if placed on carpet or mat. It does not bother me at all but may annoy other buyers.

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