Weightlifting competition held at Morris Hills

Weightlifting competition held at Morris Hills
The annual Lift It Up competition (LIU) was held in the weight room of Morris Hills High School with 13 athletes and more than 30 spectators in attendance. From left are: athletes Ken Tejullio, Willy Fisher, Jeff Goldberg, and Rockaway Borough …
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Get fit, look fit: Look great when lifting those weights
The gym should really be a place for hard work and hard work only, but so popular has it become these days that it's almost seen as an equivalent to the pub as a social outlet. Gym-users are now increasingly keen to look good in front of their peers …
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Fresh and Fit: Mixing cardio and weight training to build your perfect body
If you like lifting weights, for instance, don't do sets of eight with 25 pounds every single time. Some days, do sets of 20 with 10 pounds or sets of 30 with 5 pounds. The same goes for any other strength exercise. More weight often leads to increased …
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