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Losing the Wheat Belly and Becoming a (Partially Crippled) Supple Leopard
I think if you look back to the early 1980s something has changed in regard to our diet leading to the current obesity epidemic – and the fact that our current version of wheat was introduced in mass in the markets around that time seems a little too …
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Personal trainer Terry Joel, left, looks down to make sure Jill Grover, right, of Clayton, Calif., is doing a correct one arm row, during a fitness class at the Clayton Fitness Center on June 5. DAN ROSENSTRAUCH — DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA/BAY AREA NEWS …
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Booty building secrets
If you are suffering from an over sized behind then do the following 3 fat-blasting workouts to reduce, tighten and shape your bum. Fat-Blaster #1: Run. Running is a great way to burn off extra body fat while developing strong glutes. Follow these 4 …
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