The Biggest Loser The Workout

The Biggest Loser The Workout

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  • Brett D. Cullum says:
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    The Biggest Loser Play at Home Version!, January 21, 2006
    Brett D. Cullum (Houston, TX United States) –

    This review is from: The Biggest Loser The Workout (DVD)
    If you’re familiar with the show, this is Bob Harper’s routines on the DVD (Jillian Michaels is nowhere to be found). The segments offered include the trainer taking up to six of the contestants through a typical workout with him. They say what makes this DVD different than others is the fact they use “normal people” in the room with Bob. They are the contestants who have been excercising with him for a while. The difficulty level of these workouts are pretty accelerated if you’ve never worked out before. People with joint problems are going to find the constant jumping and kicking somewhat daunting. The worst aspect of this DVD is the people who will want to use it the most may not be able to. They do offer modified versions of the moves at certain times, but for the most part you better be ready to jump and do deep knee bends. Bob talks you through every segment, and thankfully you can choose a “music only” option once you have the routines down (a nice touch for people who do this every day).

    There are six routines to choose from, and you can mix and match from the following:

    Warm-up (5 minutes) – Basic stretching moves to get you ready to go.

    Low Intensity Cardio (25 minutes) – Some jumping jacks, some kicking and punching, and a lot of core strengthening excercises for the begginer.

    High-Intensity Cardio (20 minutes) – A more aggressive cardio routine designed for people who have been working out for at least a month. The moves are quick, and there’s a lot more jumping. It’s constant motion combined with boxing and kicking moves.

    Strength and Sculpt (20 minutes) – Use hand weights and a mat or towel to go through a circuit training routine designed to build muscle and sculpt.

    Boot Camp (20 minutes) – A combination of of cardio and sculpting that can be done with or without hand weights. This is for people who need a quick workout, and do not have time for both a cardio and sculpting routine.

    Cool Down (20 minutes) – Yoga style stretching to get you back to normal after an intense workout.

    You can select a combination of routines pre-matched for you, or customize the routines by choosing any combination of the above. Menus are easy enough to navigate, and you shouldn’t find it hard to get to where you need to be depending on what your level is. Following along should be easy enough. The only distraction is sometimes the contestants are out of synch with the rest of the group, or they modify the movement according to their body type. I guess the trick is to zero in on the contestant that has your fitness level at first and follow them, but it does make it strange to see people doing variations of the same thing.

    The DVD itself looks fine for what it is. Picture and sound are clear, and we get them in fullscreen and simple stereo. Special features include a six week suggested plan, a cast and trainer intro, and Matt and Suzy’s story for inspiration. Also tucked in to this package are corporate sponsor 24 Hour Fitness commercials, a message from the fitness company’s CEO, and a certificate good for “30 Days Free” at a local 24 Hour Fitness gym. For less than ten dollars you knew someone was going to try and sell you something.

    The workouts are a great way to get started. Bob is a pretty detailed trainer even on DVD, but he still can’t replace a session with a real fitness expert live in front of you. I’d say this is a good DVD for people who are pressed for time, can’t get to a gym, or need to start off doing things in the privacy of the home before going public at the local fitness palace. Gyms can be intimidating, and as long as you move and do something it’s better than nothing. If you’re a fan of The Biggest Loser this is a good way to start moving with some familiar faces looking back at you. But don’t expect it to be easy! It takes a lot of work to lose big.


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  • Dotti Zupko says:
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    Excellent Workouts, December 23, 2005
    Dotti Zupko (New Mexico, USA) –

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    I bought this mostly because I thoroughly enjoyed the show and definately preferred Bob’s training style over Jillian’s. I consider myself intermediate/advanced when I purchase workouts. After doing this workout the day I received – – I can definately see why the participants lose weight in the show. This is an EXCELLENT workout and it made me SWEAT. I programmed 60 minutes of workout my first time out and this definately will burn calories and get your heart pumping. The fact you can program what you wish to do is a wonderful feature that you don’t receive with workouts costing twice this price. For this price you definately can’t go wrong. This is definately a “keeper” workout in my workout regimen.


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