Intermittent Fasting: How to Use IF While Bulking (Gain Muscle While Fasting)


Sculpt Your Greek God Body, FREE: Chest workout exercises for packing on more mass and definition to your chest. Start with these and you can’t go wrong! Download…
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  • Argya Wanaditya says:

    +OmarIsuf Omar, if my strategy is to fast for 24 hours, and then eat my
    regular calories to make it even and full calories,
    (since you implied you only eat one big meal after 24 hours) is it ok?

  • Clement Hamilton says:

    Can you start a fast after lunch? I’m a High School and my parents don’t
    agree to do a fast during my school time but have no problem if I start my
    fast after lunch. What do you think? For me it’s not difficult to not have
    dinner. Please, I’d like help!

  • Achyut Aryal says:

    This Almost-Magical Workout Strategy builds muscle faster than steroids.
    Copy and Paste Into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

  • Driven Light says:

    This sets of workouts really got my chest feeling sore. It feels great
    after I finished my workout. I remember I used to do a good amount of dips
    when I was in high school, but I have to start all over back to square one.
    lol I love working out and can’t wait to see my chest form to it’s fullest.

  • Aryan Shirani says:

    just subscribed, and check out the link because is not working correctly, i
    mean your website is not displayng the download.

  • buffmikenjavi says:

    unbelievable symmetry in your chest dude!!

  • Duwey Jay says:

    I just want my chest just like his

  • CutsomEdition says:

    Dude, every one needs to start doing fast movements, slow-strength is
    virtually unfunctional at all compared to fast-srength (nfl type
    A truely explosive athlete could blow through people bigger than him like
    the back of a barnyard door

    Going from slow twitch excercises to fast twitch exercises, is like
    starting to workout all over again.
    Infact continueing a slow twitch bodybuilder routine is constantly losing
    fast twitch potential, you need to rest for a week and then start doing
    fast twitch type movements (muscle fibers that when examined show signs
    that their meant for HIGH SPEEDS) fast twitch fibers show a lot more
    through your shirt.

  • CutsomEdition says:

    Lol at perfect form on machines, you wanna make sure you could jerk off a
    machine the right way haha, form should only be a concern for bar
    excercises, or movements for pure power, where if you did it again, it
    wouod have to be exactly the same for max power to build upon

  • equalrights2010 says:

    judging from the size of your chest i bet you do a lot of repetitions of
    this routine

  • Ethan Johnson says:

    WTF !!?? bench press does your chest !? i ve been doing it for calves !! no
    wonder they wern t getting bigger ! cheers dude.

  • CutsomEdition says:

    Sprints, clap pushups, 80% of max bench timed 3 reps for 3 seconds, most
    important is the POWER CLEAN AND JERK, ect. you need to properly warmup by
    doing these movements exactly the same way you would with heavy weight but
    with lower weight and higher reps, if your new and you jump into a speedy
    max bench, youll tear something

  • David Collinson says:

    I wish my gf had tits like him

  • Engels Tejada Duarte says:

    Nice tips. I hope to do all this workouts.!!!

  • Esteban Corona says:


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