Weight Loss Transformation: Why Women Should Lift Weights | Jessica Kat

Weight Loss Transformation: Why Women Should Lift Weights | Jessica Kat

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7 Comments/Reviews

  • Bianca Aragon says:

    my goal is to get leaned and tone..would love to have a flat defined
    stomach and a nice butt :).i am excited for your videos. i really need some
    motivation. you look amazing :)

  • cutseygymnast says:

    how did you figure out your macros?

  • brockway babe says:

    I am loving your videos!
    I started lifting weights in 2008, I was also lucky I had A friend who was
    A former powerlifter and willing to show me everything she knew and it
    changed my life I workout with weights five days A week and only do cardio
    as I feel necessary.
    Very excited to find A new female fitness YouTuber- keep up the great
    videos :)

  • Beth Ellyn says:

    I love these fitness vlogs! my goals are to keep up with my usual fitness
    routine and try and push myself a little each week out of my comfort zone.
    I would love more of these vlog updates on your progress, as well as more
    examples of what you do at the gym. could you show us what you do for your
    abs?? great channel you have here!!

  • Carol Weber says:

    *Hey guys, My daughter and I are losing we so far have lost 10 pounds
    between both of us..*

  • babesters6 says:

    I really like doing pilates and using my own body weight. However this
    really peaked my interest. I would love to see a video on food! 

  • Anthony Pontarelli says:

    we’d love to see a video of some of your work outs! 

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