The GQ guide to a man's diet

The GQ guide to a man's diet
Walking is far more elegant: you can burn off thousands of calories while barely creasing your cream linen trousers or lifting your Panama hat. More to the point, you are walking to get somewhere. There's something terribly uncool about exercising for …

Manual handling – when is a load too heavy to lift by hand?
As the Victorian Trades Hall Council's OHS Reps @ Work website notes, in Victoria there is not actually a legally mandated limit to the maximum amount of weight an employee can manually lift. Rather, Victorian OHS legislation refers to hazardous manual …
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Why Britain's loopy about labradors by MAX HASTINGS, who's shared his life
A quarter of all British households are dog owners, and this week for the umpteenth time, a survey of our best friends shows that big-hearted, glossy-coated black beauties, and a few goldens, top the national popularity poll everywhere except in …
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