The benefits of muscle for women

The benefits of muscle for women
If you're a woman who exercises, the fear of “bulking up” may have crossed your mind once or twice. Many women find themselves afraid to put on muscle so they shy away from lifting heavy weights or avoid strength training altogether. Regardless of what …
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Why This Celeb Trainer Thinks You Should Be Lifting Heavier Weights
There's a wide misconception, especially among women, that doing high repetitions of light weights will get you "long, lean" muscles while lifting heavier weights will make you look bulky or get you injured. Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden, who has …
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How a collegiate runner conquered the growing dilemma of male eating disorders
Worse still, the stigma surrounding what Thompson's own patients have called “a female disorder” makes it hard to identify boys that need help, and even harder for boys to admit it. It's a stigma …. Like Stepanovich through most of his adolescent …

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