Purple – SINGLE BAND – MummyStrength Pull Up Assist & Resistance Bands | Perfect For Pull-ups, Chin ups, Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Gymnastics, CrossFit®, Power Lifting, & all Serious Fitness Programs | 41″ Loop | Pullups + MummyStrength = Max Functional Bar Raising Results & a Body of Steel | LIFETIME GUARANTEE (SINGLE Band Only – 5 Levels to Choose From | Mix & Match Bands as Needed)

MummyStrength Resistance Bands for Men and Women. The Best Stretch Band for Pull Up Exercise and Powerlifting. Works With Any Pull Up Bar or Station. Single Band. Workout Guide Included – PURPLE

  • TOUGH AS NAILS. Make gym time your time by picking the perfect resistance band for you. Our durable bands are made from premium grade latex rubber and come in resistances ranging from 5 to 175 pounds. Our extensive range is designed to meet your specific resistance workout needs from simple leg and ankle stretching exercises to pull ups to pilates and even warm up exercises for ballet. Find the band that’s right for you by referring to the photo chart in the images.
  • YOUR WORKOUT, YOUR RULES. Your MummyStrength Resistance Bands are heavy duty and super versatile so both men and women can use them. Not just for pull ups, loop and tie these non slip bands to a post and use for rows or a twisting oblique exercise. You can even stand on it and stretch them up for shoulder presses or curls. These highly resistant bands can support your weight but are versatile enough to let you create and customize the most challenging “Workouts of the Day” ever.
  • THERAPY GRADE. Maybe this isn’t your first try at a pull-up. Maybe an injury put you out of the game, and you need a helping hand getting back up. From low intensity to high intensity workouts, our elastic bands are top tier quality, and can offer the support you need to get that chin over the bar again, while increasing mobility and giving you back your strength. From mini workouts to complex stretches, watch yourself get back in the game in no time.
  • UNLOCK YOUR FITNESS GOALS. Want a flat tummy, toned legs or a strong core? Your MummyStrength Resistance Band is the kind of product anyone can get behind. Whether you’re a man or woman, fitness professional or newbie, this adjustable workout equipment is designed with your fitness goals in mind. To get you started, we’ve included a bonus QuickStart Guide with 9 warmups and 11 toning exercises, free to download.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. We offer the best guarantee on the market because we believe we have the best product available. We’re so confident in our high quality products we’ll let you try our bands RISK-FREE for 30 days and if you don’t like them, send them back for a 100% refund. We also ensure PRODUCT REPLACEMENT FOR LIFE. We’re here for the long haul so make the investment. You’ll thank us for it.

CRANK OUT PULL UPS LIKE A MACHINE If You’re Intimidated By Pull Ups or Simply Want To Do More, These Bands Will Get You Where You Want To Be…FAST! Most men and women consider pull up bands because… * they want to do their first pullup but can’t seem to get past simply dangling from the bar.
* they wish they could do more reps, but their arms burn out on the first set.
* they want to work out at home with the same quality of equipment they use at the gym STOP limiting your progress!

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 24.95

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