Max OT Weight Training

Max OT Weight Training Jeff Willet explains Max OT Clip 6 from I Want To Look Like That Guy.

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  • Adrian Cullinane says:

    @kingv911 hey could u tell me does it really give size to ur arms cuz arms
    usually respond to higher reps

  • aaron07311 says:

    if hes natural why doesn`t he compete in the INBF and or WNBF? those are
    TRUE natural federations. He competes in the NPC which i can assure you is
    NOT a tested show. I had a friend compete in the NPC and he took winstrol
    dianobal and test enthate.

  • Elvis Ferbeyre says:

    @hamiltonanthonylee yeah, and that’s what happens with natural bodybuilders.

  • AtheistPatriot1 says:

    This is exactly the strategy I use. You gotta increase the weight to
    stimulate growth, otherwise you’ll plataeu out and won’t improve.

  • Elvis Ferbeyre says:

    @yuvrajdiwan123 under 6 reps is for building strength, usually 8-10 reps is
    the range to build muscle, however, sometimes I’ve tried putting a weight
    in the bench press where I can do like 2 reps max and my chest just blow
    up, sometimes low reps work too, but better in compound exercises like
    bench press, dead lift, squats and military presses. It’s all about
    combining powerlifitng with bodybuilding. Isolation exercises are performed
    with higher reps,like 8-12.

  • 1havde says:

    You dont always need to wait for 3 sets of 6 reps, if you feel that you can
    raise the weight a little and still do 4 reps you can raise even if you do
    like 6 5 4 or 6 5 5 or 6 5 3. Just experiment and always push urself as
    hard as you can.

  • balinmar says:

    this is how i have always trained….never stopped growing.

  • deedo2007dt says:

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