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Want to Start Exercising? These 5 Tips Can Help You Prevent Injury
Also, if you decide to lift weights, start with less weight and higher repetitions. Cross train. You want to mix things up with different types of exercise, whether biking, running, swimming, elliptical or circuit training. “This doesn't just help you …
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400lb firefighter sheds 150lbs on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss starts modeling
The first few days were the hardest – as Chris challenged Josh to work out at the gym, run, and lift heavy weights, Josh repeatedly said that he wanted to quit. Once he spoke with his family, however, Josh decided to stay – but confessed to Chris and …
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When parents become personal trainers: How to help a young child lose weight
Doctors likely fail to prioritize weight loss when working with the parents of overweight or obese children because of the brief window of time they spend with each patient, Duncan noted. If a child comes in with a sore throat or ear infection, it's …
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