Latest Health Benefits Of Weightlifting For Women News

Sophia Wushanley | Muscle in
And that's a shame, because weight lifting isn't just for guys who want to get jacked. Women have a lot to gain from weight lifting, too. For one thing, its health benefits are many. Strength training boosts the metabolism and, like cardio, has been …
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Supplements contain synthetic Amphetamine
Right now, according to the FDA they haven't seen a major health concern or risk with these products so that's why they allowed to be on the shelves," Bagwell said. According to Bagwell … Being an amphetamine, the risks outweigh the benefits." If you …
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Add strength training for pumped up health
Strength training, specifically, has many benefits and is often times overlooked – especially by women. Many people focus all of their energy on aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, running or taking aerobics classes when they want to start losing …

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