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Critical Juncture: Johns Hopkins University struggles with ongoing issues of
A pattern of a discriminatory culture dates back to before women were admitted as undergraduates in 1970, and has continued through the university's struggles to follow federal guidelines and victim-blaming and retaliatory actions from the student body …
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Why Olympic Swimming Champion Rebecca Soni Does Yoga (Video Feature)
… Medalist (3 Gold), World Record Holder and first woman under 2:20 in 200 meter Breaststroke and Yogini. In this interview learn how Rebecca used Yoga during her career as an elite athlete eventually replacing her weight lifting program entirely …
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Pumping iron beats the blues of menopause
A study shows that lifting weights and doing other strength training exercises has benefits for older women — including kicking menopause symptoms, making it easier to climb stairs and easing hip and knee pains. Picture: THINKSTOCK …
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