U.S. News Health Care Index

U.S. News Health Care Index
As with many other factors in the index, the largest change in growth of expenditures was on public care and services for seniors. Prescription drug expenditures for Medicare skyrocketed in 2005, due to the implementation of the Prescription Drug Act …
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Study of premature babies adds to questions for parents, doctors
The study, one of the largest and most systematic examinations of care for very premature infants, found that hospitals with sophisticated neonatal units varied widely in their approach to 22-week-olds, ranging from a few that offer no active medical …
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Anorexic Amber Girling says diet pills nearly killed her as weight fell to 4st
After a five-month stay at a specialist clinic, Miss Girling, from Chatham, Kent, was discharged, weighing eight stone – and has not touched diet pills since. Miss Girling has spoken out about the dangers of … She said: 'I wanted to lose weight fast …
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UCSF team: trauma screening should be standard in health care
In a paper published Wednesday, the team proposes a move toward “trauma-informed” primary care, in which health care providers develop an understanding of the effects of trauma on their patients and find ways to help patients feel safe and comfortable …
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