HEY GANG! God damn I am so excited to be making this video. I really do think it is one of the most important topics to cover when it comes to anorexia recov…
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I hope you found this video helpful! Leave us any questions and your stories below 🙂 We want to help you! We are sorry about it being out of focus, we didn’…

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    DON’T WORRY GUYS I AM STILL ALIVE <3 This week has been quite busy and I
    haven't been at home when there is daylight so I haven't been able to film
    🙁 I am doing okay and I hope you are too! I will hopefully be able to film
    tomorrow 🙂 love you xxxxxxx

  • Extra Sugar says:

    Thank you so much for this video. You are amazing. I wrote down the
    points that you made, and I have to think about all of this and work on it.
    Since getting into “recovery”, I have gained a lot of weight and I am
    suffering so bad, I really can’t stand it, and I am being triggered back
    into my anorexic behaviors again, and I really don’t want to get so sick
    again, I really am trying, and I appreciate your help so much. 

  • Breanne Petrokovitch says:

    Thank you for this!! I was feeling rather fat today, and I was also feeling
    really bad about myself because today I had eaten a lot more than my
    boyfriend did, but I’m just so hungry all the time… Question: Should I be
    weighing myself during recovery? I was planning on doing it once a week,
    but it’s kind of triggering and my heart beats fast when I think about it,
    but I think it might be important to document/watch my weight gain?

  • Crystal Ariza says:

    I’m recovering from anorexia, and I’m always viewing my stomach bigger than
    my legs, arms, etc. Is that part of the recovery, getting a bigger stomach?
    it gets my very anxious.

  • Brianna Davis says:

    This video was very helpful, i have saved it to my favourites so i can go
    back to it when I need to be reassured. I have been doing pretty bad in my
    recovery because i have been restricting, weighing and occasionally
    weighing myself. i don’t want to be the size i am so i have been going back
    to old habits. I was wondering if maybe you could maybe make a video about
    what you ate in recovery? I know it is different for everyone and i should
    listen to my dietician but i am just curious because i am definitely not
    following my meal plan now

  • Choa Covers says:

    Thank you so much ♡ I really needed some of these supporting words right
    now, because I had so many negative thoughts about my body atm~ It’s great
    to hear someone else who was in the same position give me advice and
    strength ♡ thanks again !

  • Clare Alexandra says:

    Um you dont just go anorexic, this pissed me off so much, if i could switch
    off my anorexia just like that as if I had turned it on at some point i
    would. Please educate yourself before insulting an entire community of
    people suffering from real serious mental illness.

  • Cathy The SexyWolf says:

    I’ve been struggling with anorexia for the past 7 months and I struggled
    with Bulimia for a month. I was only 15 when i had Anorexia and Im 16 now,
    and on the road to recovery. :)

  • Ana Calvario says:

    You can’t just like “go anorexic” EDs are really serious mental illnesses
    and it takes year to sort of “recover” and I used quotes because it’s quite
    difficult to fully recover you most likely learn to control the unhealthy
    sickass thoughts

  • C0okieGang says:

    Anorexia is something that can form pretty quick. Last year i would binge
    when i went out with friends and then feel guilty and make myself throw up
    and this year at around 102 pounds i started doing 4 full body workouts a
    day. And i would cut my calories to 1200 from me eating whatever the hell i
    wanted but still making myself puke.I ended up 5’3 at 88. So i went from
    bulimic to over exercising and not eating correctly and i havnt had my
    period in almost 8 months. So anorexia really can affect anyone but i know
    i had it because i had all of the symptoms and i would litterally eat an
    apple then go do 5 minute planks or a workout. You guys really shouldnt be
    saying stuff like they didnt turn anorexic or whatnot because they probably
    couldve had unhealthy thoughts of there body before and there just not
    telling you the whole story. And my doctor told me and also found on a
    medical website that “Some people with anorexia lose weight mainly through
    severely restricting the amount of food they eat. They may also try to lose
    weight by exercising excessively.” SO YES they could have been anorexic.

  • akvanilla says:

    when you said “purge” did you mean “binge”…….

  • BeautyBabeOlivia xoxo says:

    Im almost 13 and still havent gotten my period :/

  • Caitlin Richards says:

    I’m doing p90x3 right now it’s tough but it’s fun

  • Duy Linh says:

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    ExprezSliminizer! Check it out on Google.

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