Why Men Are Bad At Friendship (And What To Do About It)

Why Men Are Bad At Friendship (And What To Do About It)
A team of researchers from around the world analyzed a vast mobile phone database — 2 billion calls and 500 million text messages — and found that by the time married women hit 45 or so, they demote their husbands from first to second place among …
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Featured Trainer: Orlando Darden Jr of Body Fit DC
Additionally, his expert coaching has resulted in his numerous clients achieving optimal fitness and health whether their goal was to lose weight, increase muscle strength, and tone, improve overall cardio conditioning, or to boost the fitness …
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Bridal Beauties: Pump Iron, Burn Fat & Drop Pounds
Wilson says in order to lose weight and build muscle without sacrificing curves, ladies shouldn't be afraid to pump a little iron. Wilson talked about the myths surrounding women who lift weights. "You're not going to get bulky or look like a man …
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