The Village Idiot: State of the Reunion

The Village Idiot: State of the Reunion
All my aunts and uncles and cousins would know it in a heartbeat. “Aunt Betty! It's been too long.” It's Bob's mom. She's obviously had something done to her face. Not a facelift — there's not a crane big enough to lift that thing — but a little work …
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Texas Classics: Jan Reid writes about 'The Bullet Meant for Me'
His laugh was both soft and explosive, and during the long weekend we had gone from being colleagues to friends; with fine wit he had briefed me on the ups and downs of his life as a musician. The lark in …. Why didn't I lock the doors, if my …
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I challenge me-August Personal Challenges
Knowing that I am a scientist, you might be able to imagine how geeked out I got about school and school supplies and new learnings… it was a little sad… it IS a little sad how excited I STILL get for school supplies, despite the fact that I am no …
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TV dinners given new meaning, but all of us need to watch what we eat
As I was coming down in the lift in my building this week, I said to a well-dressed young woman, ''Good morning, off to work?'' ''Yes,'' she replied. ''What do you do?'' ''I'm a barista.'' Being from an earlier generation I thought she was a barrister …
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