How to Breathe Properly During Squats

In this short video, California Strength Head Strength Coach, Ernie Hernandez, explains how we teach our athletes and lifters to breathe during squats and bi…
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  • Break the Chain says:

    Good video. Short, simple and to the point.

  • Andrew Hoover says:

    Will correct breathing help with abdominal pain while coming back up. It
    is a burning, shallow pain down and left from my belly button. 

  • Andrew Jeon says:

    Thank you! :)

  • Ezra Tinkle says:

    Does he mean intercostal not abdominal? I don’t understand how expanding
    the chest and “sucking in” abdomen would be abdominal breathing. Everything
    else made sense and I think will help me if i focus on this technique that
    first part just threw me.

  • Blake Spencer says:

    Can anybody write the subtitles? In English, of course. Im not from US or
    UK, Or another englishspeak country, so i cant recognize the speech. THX

  • Andrew Hoover says:

    Eaglefan, I think it was the beginnings of one. Funny thing, it has stopped
    and I’m squatting about 20lbs more now. 

  • Alan Lithgow says:

    Used this breathing technique and it works a treat! Only thing is can’t
    this technique coz a hernia???

  • Alan Lithgow says:

    Just heading to the gym just now will definitely use this information
    hopefully get stronger 

  • djlightsout06 says:

    And I don’t understand the difference between breathing in with abdominals
    and breathing in with the diaphram. Was this a mistake in the video?

  • Andre Earle says:

    when i squat bellow parallel i hear/feel a click in my knee should i sweat

  • CaliforniaStrength says:

    As for over-training, the guys spend just as much time focusing on recovery
    and regeneration as they do on the training. They consistently take ice
    baths, foam roll, and take lots of our Recover high potency EPA/DHA
    supplement, among other things, to keep their bodies from breaking down

  • buddhabassist says:

    This is how I got 2 para umbilical hernias, back/front squatting 4-5 times
    a week for a couple months (good form and breathing, no belt); first couple
    days after surgery were the most painful damn thing I’ve ever felt. Good
    lifting advice.

  • FatalUnfair says:

    I don’t know did my breathing go wrong or what but my stance was a bit shit
    on a squat and my torso collapsed and the fucking weight went over my neck,
    over my head and then to the floor, have to say, it hurt like hell but
    luckily it was only a bit under 80kg :D…

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