The Treadmill Is Back! Workouts to Amp Up Your Routine

The Treadmill Is Back! Workouts to Amp Up Your Routine
Zoe Saldana sprints to sweat off baby weight. Even fierce fashionista Victoria Beckham gets herself going in sky-high pumps. You can burn calories and continue to burn them off jath jar wards. This 60-minute workout is half cardio and half strength …
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Try This: A combo exercise that targets the triceps and glutes
Fitness expert Kim Lyons, the founder of Bionic Body in Hermosa Beach, says she's most frequently asked for workouts that will tighten up the back of the arm or the booty. ("And it's not just women who ask.") Today, she shares a … Works the glutes …
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Train like Tough Mudder and you'll get tough, for sure
We did one minute of squats without weight, which is normal in my workouts, then moved on to two minutes of burpees. What's up with all this crazy cardio? … By the third round, I hoped the cardio would slow down a bit. It only increased, to exercises …
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