Run far or run fast? Astronauts tackle universal fitness question

Run far or run fast? Astronauts tackle universal fitness question
"The theory was that a more stringent regimen of resistance training and interval aerobic exercise would help the astronauts stay fit while on the space station," says principal investigator Dr. Lori Ploutz-Snyder. "This is of particular importance to …
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Workout Routines: Practice this exercise to reduce belly fat
But, because it's impossible to target fat around the midsection, the best solution is to reduce body fatoverall. When it comes to whether weight training or aerobic exercise is the best way to do that, it seems that a combination of both is the …
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Michelle Obama's Workout Video Gives Five Easy Exercises To Help You Get
Because really, that's what the #GimmeFive challenge is all about: Can you give five minutes of your day to take a walk or make a snack of fresh fruit? Or in this case, … Don't be afraid of weights. Strength training is just as crucial as cardio in …
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How to use the Apple Watch Workout app
We look at the Apple Watch's Activity app elsewhere, which tracks time spent moving, exercising, sitting and standing and helps you to aim for daily and longer-term goals. But for a specific cardio* workout, you need the, er, Workout app on your Apple …
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