P90X2: The Next P90X Blu-Ray Series Deluxe Kit

P90X2: The Next P90X Blu-Ray Series Deluxe Kit

  • P90X2 continues your progress after P90X with cutting-edge training based on powerful new sports science
  • 14 new breakthrough workouts that include more emphasis on your core, athletic function, balance, and agility
  • Includes a comprehensive, customizable nutrition plan with vegan and grain-free options
  • Includes premium stability ball, 2 medicine balls, and a foam roller to optimize your P90X2 workouts
  • Personal trainer Tony Horton delivers the workouts with his unique blend of motivation and humor

The result of two years of research & development conducted by a team of the most qualified experts in fitness, P90X2 includes training so cutting edge, so effective, you’ll be amazed at the visible results and enhanced performance. While P90X is based on Muscle Confusion–to break normal 30-day training plateaus so you get results fast–P90X2 ups the ante with a training technique developed by professional sports trainers for world class results: P.A.P., or Post-Activation Potentiation. With P9


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