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An exercise scientist told us the 2 things everyone gets wrong about working out
Cardio is good for you! And this is coming from somebody who doesn't like to do cardio. I'm more on the power and strength side — bodybuilding and stuff, that's me. But cardio's important, and cardio has a lot of health benefits; you don't have to shy …
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Do I Need to Eat After Cardio Workouts?
In comparison to a strength-training workout where the muscles are broken down and depleted of the carbohydrate glycogen, cardio burns calories by raising the heart rate. You might feel strong and energized after your indoor-cycling class or treadmill …
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Competitive Eating is More Than Just Chowing Down
Exercise is crucial for competitive eaters, to maintain their body weight and limit belly fat, which can impede food intake. Rodriguez said he spends about 12 hours a week exercising, doing mostly weight training and a little bit of cardio. A person's …
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