Fitness profile: Tara Jean D'Antonio

Fitness profile: Tara Jean D'Antonio
Occupation: Personal trainer, nutrition consultant and weight loss management specialist at Keys 2 Fitness, Wyomissing, and sales rep with Cellucor, Bryan, Texas. When and why you began to exercise: Six years ago I was extremely depressed and … Type …
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Could This Be The Secret to Celebrity Weight Loss?
Let's be 100% honest: There is no easy way to remove fat. It doesn't matter if you get Liposuction, start a juice cleanse, or begin an intensive diet and exercise regimen, it will always take hard work, some degree of pain, and lots of determination …
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Excercise and nutrition in Ramadan
… 3 Fitness ( advises fasting athletes to mix up their routine. 'Just doing cardio doesn't make sense, because the nervous system needs to be worked in a variety of ways. A combination of weight and circuit training would be more …

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