Bollywood's love affair with yoga

Bollywood's love affair with yoga
These celebs were stretching, twisting and showing off their asana prowess long before yoga became popular. Much before PM Narendra Modi … There was a time when Rani Mukerji pursued yoga to tone her bod by combining it with weight training. It worked …
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Around the A-10: Touching off season training at GW
Coach Mike Lonergan said he didn't want his team's summer training to resemble “a track team or weight-lifting team.” He desired workouts that are enjoyable, and educational, if possible. The Colonials take regular runs on the Washington streets to the …
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Thriving through Injury and Illness
After all, we are all bound to be faced with illness, injury or at least life events (caring for other ill or aging family members) that will disrupt our best laid plans to be healthy. Even positive life changes can throw off our routines. The key …
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