7 Ways to Sneak Cardio into Your WeightLifting Workouts

7 Ways to Sneak Cardio into Your WeightLifting Workouts
And sadly for you cardio-averse out there, the fastest and most effective way to trim body fat is to combine cardio with your normal weight-lifting routine. Livestrong estimates that a regular weight-lifting routine for 30 minutes will burn between 90 …
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The Anti-Cardio Weight Loss Workout
“The heavy compound lifting burns quite a bit of calories both during and after the workout, and spikes your heart rate,” he says, “It's like a weightlifting version of HIIT—people that haven't tried it before are usually surprised at how freaking …
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Cardio vs weights? Personal trainer reveals best exercise for you
Resistance or weight training should be implemented into your schedule at least two times a week. If you're unsure on where to start most gyms offer beginner classes or there will be plenty of staff more than happy to show you the ropes. Squats and …
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