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The skinny on losing weight with the HCG Diet
Desperate to lose weight fast, she sought the help of a medical weight loss clinic in Germantown. “They said they had … to worry it was unhealthy. “And that doesn't include the misery, the weight gain, the heartache, the pain that I all went through …

The answer to soreness this spring might just be another workout
To soothe or prevent it, some swear by gruelling ice baths, some by compression socks or massage and others by a lengthy list of dubious lotions and pills. But the most powerful remedy, according to Dr. Pascal Madeleine, is somewhat unexpected.
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Slimming shortcuts can screw your health
People want to lose weight fast. They pick unrealistic goals – 10 kg in 20 days, which are unrealistic and unachievable. As a result, they get stressed and resort to shortcuts that are not just unhealthy but risky as well," says Dr Varun Katyal, skin …
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