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5 Kettlebell Workouts to Build Serious Strength
In fact, researchers found that a simple k'bell routine was more effective than a freeweight + bodyweight circuit at amping V02 max. That means that not only are they clutch for building strength all over—they also help you to torch calories and fat …
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Pure Barre workout coming to Waterfront
“Using these small movements, it helps to sculpt the muscles and create that long, lean muscle that every woman wants.” Somes says the classes focus on arms, thighs, posterior and abs to build strength. She says it's a fast and safe way to change your …
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Combine weight training, nutrition as you age
Several studies show that resistance-training exercises help maintain and increase muscle strength and size as we age. When muscle biopsies of men over 50 who lifted weights were compared with those of 20-year-old men the biopsies looked the same.
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