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Arnold Schwarzenegger embraces his aging Terminator as 'Genisys' is set for
But only one of the three action films he's headlined since leaving office — "The Last Stand," "Escape Plan" and "Sabotage" — grossed even $ 25 million domestically. … On set, Schwarzenegger was a jovial presence — cracking jokes and eating lunch …
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Hutton Cranswick man is world number three
He also has plans to turn professional and has been invited to take part in the Mr Universe competition in Southport this October. But his success is … He often has to turn down offers to go out drinking, and his diet is so strict that he sets alarms …
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Maxwell Airman becomes pro bodybuilder
"My wife isn't the only person to tell me, 'Yes, you are ready for a show,' or that I am not, but she supports eating healthy, and we believe it is in the best interest of our family to put quality food into our body," said Lopez. "If your food … You …
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Freshman sweeps bodybuilding competition
After three years of consistent dieting and working out, freshman chemical engineering major Razvan Radu came in first in the Men's Middleweight Open Bodybuilding and second in the Teen's Bodybuilding division in the 2015 National Physique Committee's …
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