How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)

How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)

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How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle - Carb Cycling Diet(build muscle lose fat)

how to lose fat and gain muscle Full program : The weight loss plan program developed by Shaun Hadsall gives people the flexibility to consume the foods that…

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  • Blade Hudson says:

    I’m diggin your vids, I’m a martail artist who needs to get back in shape,
    sill benefit me with my look as a musician as well, thanks bro. You are
    real ✌

  • Angelo Manuel says:

    In fitness you are the best youtuber, atleast in my opinion

  • Dan Vasquez says:

    Funny as hell but is the strait up truth. I’ve been using a calorie counter
    app and I am thinking as I am inputting… If I didn’t make it myself, I
    have no clue what is actually in it. Then when you mentioned the type of
    oil that you could be using applies to anything. You could be getting a
    chicken salad or grilled chicken not actually know how it is really
    prepared. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier. Mad Props

  • Crazywaffle5150 says:

    You have the body I want. So I’m going to subscribe. lmao

  • Bruce Wayne says:

    Hmmmm. BBC:
    -Seems like a nice/cool guy
    -Amazing sculpted body
    -Knows his shit
    -Funny dude
    -Good with motivation

    I think I found a great channel! Good stuff man!


  • Adrian Cline-Bailey says:

    “That further cemented my allegiance to this method” fucking aye!!!!!

  • dandl doouu says:

    id like to give you some kind of feedback, i hope thats allright. your
    video is great and gives alot of honest information! but the video would
    come across way more serious, if you would soom out a little. your head is
    cut off most of the time and at some point even cut down to your eyes. i
    mean i get it, the videos theme is body and workout and u sure have a great
    body! but you show a whole person(ality), not a head-cutoff display dummy

  • Christian Olsen says:

    I donøt understand why people got a problem with counting calories. To me
    it’s so easy. It literally only takes 10 sek to do, and after a while you
    don’t need to weight your foods and you can do it off your head. I find it
    is a lot more work to think about “oh I have to eat now and I have to make
    sure i get protein to fill up this much og my plate, and then some veggies,
    oh and I need to get some carbs to” To me it’s much better just to pick a
    slice of turkey and a few fruits and then type it in later or just remember
    that it’s just around 400kcal and 30g of protein. It’s not that hard.

  • Branden Cayanan says:

    i trust everything you say. not just because of your great physique, but
    you present yourself really well! You’re fucking legit and you don’t have
    the stupid marketer voice that other people have.

  • Corey C says:

    “i take away a portion of carbs, and add a portion of vegetables”

    what do you think is in vegetables?

  • Alen Delema says:

    :::::::::Tired of being a skinny and thin? Do people laugh at your stick
    arms and legs? Well, let’s show those losers what you can do! You CAN
    absolutely build dense muscle in a matter of a few months. I DID!::::::::

  • Farhad Dalvi says:

    50 grams of fat is 200 kcals. That’s 10% of the average daily calorie
    intake. That’s a very low carb diet. Think twice when using this advice. 

  • fatin aziz says:

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    made a regular guy buff.

  • Bikram Nagarkoti says:

    To anyone who wants to bulk up eventually. Just Google Muscle Maker Method
    to find out more.

  • Brahim El Asba says:

    It would be a shame if you did not lose weight when these other people
    accomplish it easily with Skinnimaker Super Foods (Look it up on google).

  • Albert Thomas says:

    yes I agree cant even believe it. You are smart if you understand you need
    to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Between Do you know about the
    7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don’t know about them you must see
    this. if you are serious go for it now

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