4 Ways to Maximize Weight Loss on a High-Protein Diet

4 Ways to Maximize Weight Loss on a High-Protein Diet
Low-fat diets are out. High-protein diets are in. That's because many nutritional studies show people who cut down on carbs and boost consumption of chicken, fish, certain cuts of meat, and plant-based proteins reduce their risk for obesity, diabetes …
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Women, don't think about fat loss, think about building muscle
Here's the deal: Unless you are obese, you will do much better eating for muscle than eating for weight loss. At my gym, Fitness Revolution, that's what our meal plans do. Nine out of 10 people who start our meal plans say the same thing when they see …
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From Walnuts for Better Mood to Oats for Heart Health, These Food Remedies
This one berry has been linked to diabetes improvement by lowering blood sugar, but is most well-known for it's ability to enhance brain health and prevent memory loss in conjunction with a healthy diet. The antioxidants known … Almonds are full of …
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Flexible dieting and why it may be right for you
If you do lose weight like that, once you get to your goal, you do what? You go right back into the old lifestyle of eating whatever you want to eat and you will eventually gain all the weight back. Those diets don't work. You have to eat and you have …
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